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HAUSTIER Faser-einzelner angebundener Energie-Absorber-Sicherheitsgurt

China Shanghai Anfeng Lifting & Rigging LTD. zertifizierungen
China Shanghai Anfeng Lifting & Rigging LTD. zertifizierungen
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HAUSTIER Faser-einzelner angebundener Energie-Absorber-Sicherheitsgurt

HAUSTIER Faser-einzelner angebundener Energie-Absorber-Sicherheitsgurt
HAUSTIER Faser-einzelner angebundener Energie-Absorber-Sicherheitsgurt HAUSTIER Faser-einzelner angebundener Energie-Absorber-Sicherheitsgurt HAUSTIER Faser-einzelner angebundener Energie-Absorber-Sicherheitsgurt

Großes Bild :  HAUSTIER Faser-einzelner angebundener Energie-Absorber-Sicherheitsgurt

Herkunftsort: China
Markenname: COBAIN
Zertifizierung: CE, GS, ISO9001
Modellnummer: COL-S02
Zahlung und Versand AGB:
Min Bestellmenge: 500 PC
Preis: Call or Email for quote
Verpackung Informationen: Karton + Palette, Holzkiste oder Gewohnheit
Lieferzeit: Innerhalb 45 Tage nach Auftragsbestätigung
Zahlungsbedingungen: T/T, L/C
Versorgungsmaterial-Fähigkeit: 10.000 PC pro Monat

HAUSTIER Faser-einzelner angebundener Energie-Absorber-Sicherheitsgurt

Brand name: COBAIN Schlüsselwort: Hochfester, Doppelzugangs-energieverbrauchende Abzugsleine
Farbe: Leuchtstoffgelb Größe: Universalität
Material: hochfeste HAUSTIER-Faser Standard: GB 6095-2009, AS/NES 1891.1-2007 und en 361-2002
Soem, ODM-Dienstleistungen: Ja auf Anfrage Verpackung: Karton + Palette, Holzkiste oder Gewohnheit

HAUSTIER Faser-Energie-Absorber-Sicherheitsgurt


STREICHELN Sie Energie-Absorber-Sicherheitsgurt


Energieabsorberabzugsleine AS/NES 1891

COL-S02 Single Tailed Energy Absorbing Lanyard
for Fall Protection Safety Harness
Single Tailed Energy Absorbing Lanyard are produced according to Australia (AS/NES 1891.1-2007) and Europe (EN 361-2002) standards. The lanyard is a strap made of high strength PET fiber, attached to a harness and an anchorage point. It is design to absorb part of the falling force and reduce impact on the wearer.
There are four different models of lanyard for satisfying various operating conditions: Twin Access Energy Absorbing Lanyard, Twin Tailed Energy Absorbing Lanyard, Tailed Energy Absorbing Lanyard, and Single Tailed Energy Absorbing Lanyard.
Product Characteristics:
1. Lanyard is made of high strength PET fiber, sustainable for large force and is light in weight.
2. Use double action snap hook on the energy absorbing end, can be changed to karabiner if requested.
3. The twin access design allows move around anchorage points while always having one hook attached, the scaffold hooks on both accesses are more tolerate to various types of anchorage points.
4. Straps on both accesses are covered with shrinkable PET case, preventing excess straps from entangling with the wearer.
a. Harness and lanyard are used as set.
b. Set anchorage point on a higher place to reduce falling distance 
and impact.
c.Energy absorber will only open after experiencing force of 2kN or 203kg, sliding or fall slowly may not be able to trigger it.
HAUSTIER Faser-einzelner angebundener Energie-Absorber-Sicherheitsgurt 0
Forged attachment is conneting with the strap 
HAUSTIER Faser-einzelner angebundener Energie-Absorber-Sicherheitsgurt 1
The advanced manufacturing of webbing straps
The manufactory processes of COBAIN series are all qualified under ISO9001 Quality Management System. They are granted with safety certification and labor security accreditation. All the products embrace Chinese quality standards, while they are also satisfying for requirements in Australia (AS/NES 1891.1-2007) and Europe (EN 361-2002) standards.
They are tested according to standards listed in regulation document GB 6095-2009 "Safety Harness" and GB/T 6096-2009 "Safety Harness Testing Method". Each product would need to pass overall static and dynamic weight loading tests, whereas every components need to pass their own static and dynamic weight loading tests as well as mechanical performance testing. 
HAUSTIER Faser-einzelner angebundener Energie-Absorber-Sicherheitsgurt 2
HAUSTIER Faser-einzelner angebundener Energie-Absorber-Sicherheitsgurt 3
Each COBAIN series would need to pass overall static and dynamic weight loading tests
Brand concept of COBAIN: 
1. Comfortable and easy accessible. 
2. Balancing and weight tolerant.
3. Insurable and total protection.
About Jian Feng Sling and COBAIN series
Jian Feng Sling Co,.Ltd is a Chinese professional supplier of hoisting tools and reliable and practical services for industrial hoisting and material transportation. Their products include: steel wire rope, wire rope tools, sling hardware accessories, lifting tools, chain rigging, synthetic fiber sling, Typhoon proved sling series and height safety equipment. Their products are widely participated in symbolic infrastructure projects, ship manufactory as well as inland & offshore engineering projects. While our company had gain intra- and international reputation.
Their COBAIN series Full Body Safety Harness, is a self-branded height safety equipment series launched in 2016. The product is designed to provide safety and security for those who Work at Height.

Anfeng Lifting & Rigging is authorized distributor for all the products made by Jian Feng Sling.

About Anfeng Lifting & Rigging
Based in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, Shanghai Anfeng Lifting & Rigging Ltd. is an experienced technical and sales company specialized in supplying webbing slings, round slings, wire rope and slings, chains, rigging accessories and more.
Anfeng supplies steel wire ropes, wire rope slings, lifting chains and accessories, webbing slings, round slings, fall protection harness, typhoon resistant series products, lashing, offshore mooring lines, chain hoists, lever hoists, electric hoists, shackles up to 1500t, and lifting points.
Our technical staffs make sure the products meet all safety and manufacturing requirements. Upon request, Anfeng provides customers with DNV-GL, CCS, ABS and other third-party inspection certificates.

HAUSTIER Faser-einzelner angebundener Energie-Absorber-Sicherheitsgurt 4


With 20 years of experience in lifting and rigging industry, Anfeng not only provides customers with high-quality lifting and rigging products, but also provides complete lifting solutions according to different projects, such as technical consultation, solution design, product planning, onsite assistance and after-sales support.


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